the company


IMAPS, LLC specializes in aerial photography.

We perform mapping and surveying for real estate and construction, inspections of buildings and infrastructure (telephone poles, bridges, ect.), shooting for cinema and television, as well as promotions for tourism companies, cities and events.


the pilot



Michel Trujillo, is a Frenchman living in the United States for 15 years. He holds a French Private Pilot License since 1976 (Private Pilot Certificate). He is also a certified commercial shipping captain. In 2008 Michel became a certified residential contractor for the state of Louisiana. Michel has been flying drones and Unmanned Aircraft Systems for almost 10 years and has an FAA commercial pilot license for small drones (max 55 lbs.) obtained in September 2016. (Remote Pilot Certificate)

IMAPS is insured to operate in all 50 States as well as throughout the Caribbean Islands.



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